Qunan Suction Power Vacuum Sealer Hine Food STO ge Se ng Hine Sous Vide Hine Kitchen Appliance for Dry and Wet Foods

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Jar addon is needed to seal vacuum sto ge containers.

S cifications:
Subject matter: ABS
Color: Bla / Green / White (optional)
Plug : EU / US / UK (optional)
Vacuum Pr ure: -60 kPA to 0 kPa
Max. Se ng Wid : 28 / 11.02in
Item Size: 34*thirteen.5*5 / 13.38*5.31*1.96in
Item Weight: 759g / 26.77oz
Pa age Size: 35*thirteen.5*6.2 / 13.77*5.31*2.44in
Pa age Weight: 1050g / 37.03oz

Pa ing List:
1 * Vaccum Sealer

Vacuum pr ure nges from -60 kPa to 0kPa, suction power for efficient vacuuming and se ng.
3 settings for dry or moist foods – auto vacuum seal (for dry foods), seal most effective(for wet foods), and manual vacuum seal.
Manual vacuum seal mode supplies more gentle and controllable vacuuming for cate or f gile foods.
28 (11in) se ng house allows you to vacuum seve l bags toge er, save some time.
Hall overheating protection, e unit will auto-off when it overheats, would possibly not melt e bag.
Warranty no longer applicable for this product

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